CONTEMPLATION of LIFE: from the vantage point of sitting out on the the 64th floor window ledge – Beginning with taking in the Social Media Landscapes

I have just started to seriously access the social media environment and it is a MAJOR learning curve. After perusing the Twitter, Facebook and other social media landscapes I’ve come to the conclusion: “My observations can be JUST as valid as the other observations being posted“.

With that being said, one of my first observations is that: for every one person who tweets, blogs, and records THEIR opinions on a regular (if not) daily basis with something of value, or something of worth to opine; there are at the very least two persons (and I’m probably underrating that ratio) who have nothing more then virulent and spiteful diatribes (that for some reason) they feel the world needs to hear and be assaulted by, and which adds nothing constructive to the dialogue taking place.

So, for better or worst, instead of just sitting back as a passive observer I have decided to join the conversation. Hopefully what I have to add will be constructive and, maybe even somewhat, interesting to what is being said; and (also hopefully) not coming across too impertinent while I am expressing my viewpoints to that which is being discussed

At least from this vantage point, I have from the ‘the window ledge on the 64th floor‘ time has brought me to, I have a pretty good view from which I am able to observe life as it continues on around me. At this stage in my life I can at least continue to participate. And who knows, I may be able to learn something in the process.